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Patient Name:   Age:       Birthdate: 

Parent or Guardian:

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Person to be billed (if different from patient): 

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Person to be notified in case of emergency: 

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Family physician:         Phone:

Who referred you?        Relation to you: 


We routinely send e-mail reminders two days prior to your
scheduled appointment if you wish to furnish your e-mail address:

Patients are responsible for full payment for any missed appointments or appointments canceled within 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. A 24 hour advance notice must be given for any change in a scheduled appointment.


If you have applicable medical insurance and want us to file insurance for you, please complete the following:


Primary Insurance Company:       Phone Number: 

ID # on Insurance Card:       Policy or Group #: 

Insured's Name:       Insured's Date of Birth: 

Insured's Employer: