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As a Psychologist, I am responsible for my patients’ total care and for assisting them to understand the importance of their health and wellness. Susan D. Gifford is a psychologist licensed by the State of Texas. I am both a State of Texas and a National Health Service provider. My extensive training and experience has resulted in the achievement of four diplomates. I am also a licensed Marriage and Family therapist.

About Dr. Gifford

I became a psychologist after studying science for three years in college, both biology and chemistry, and falling in love with Psychology my fourth year in college because I was enthralled by the way people develop and grow. I loved seeing the changes people can make if someone teaches them new skills on HOW to think and feel differently and to interact with others in a better way. I love the relationship I built with my patients, which over time has maintained for several generations. I chose clinical Psychology because it allowed me to best integrate my scientific background with the newest most effective cognitive approaches to help others fulfill their desired potential. I lived most of my young life in Abilene, Texas on a ranch my grandparents owned and in the DFW area. I am one of two children. I am blessed with a loving family. My grandparents and parents were married longer than fifty years. My husband and I have acheved that goal as well! We have one daughter and two granddaughters. Though I worked in research and published during my graduate school years at Southern Methodist University and the University of North Texas, my passion has always been clinical psychology and helping people change to meet their own goals. I also seek to serve the Lord with my faith. I have been published, been a public presenter at local and national events, have appeared on radio and television. I live in Tarrant County – and enjoy time with family and friends. I enjoy scuba diving and swimming, china painting, and travel. I am active in community service and church with sincere thankfulness for all that I have been given in life.

Diplomate in Advanced Psychopharmacology

The International College of Professional Psychology and its affiliated academic training organization, Prescribing Psychologists’ Register, believe that it is the professional duty and responsibility of licensed, practicing psychologists to become comprehensively educated, as well as ethically and psycho-therapeutically aware, of the synergistic benefits to be gained by their patients through the case-appropriate usage of psycho-pharmacology medication together with psychotherapy treatment. When appropriate to the individual and his/her presenting problem, this combined, contextual treatment approach, far outweighs the benefits of psychotherapy or psychopharmacology alone. Training for licensed, practicing psychologists in clinical psychopharmacology has been made available by Prescribing Psychologists’ Register (PPR), for more than a decade. PPR is the first, largest and independently certified training program in Psychopharmacology for Professional Psychology. Your Board Certified Diplomate-Fellow Licensed Psychologist, whose name appears on this brochure, has completed PPR’s most rigorous and intensive training program enabling him/her to help you understand the psychopharmacological medications your medical doctor may have prescribed, and your choices in using them. It is important that you feel free to ask your qualified psychologist about any lingering concerns or questions you may have regarding your medications.


This specially trained psychologist has spent the equivalent of 2-3 years in training, beyond that of other, similar mental health professionals (including clinical psychologists) to learn how medication may best be used to effectively relieve patient suffering from emotional or mental health problems This Psychopharmacology Board Certified, Diplomate psychologist has passed over 17 different examinations in many subjects, including but not limited to Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain, Drug Effects and Drug Interactions of the Child, Adolescent, Adult, and the Geriatric Patient, and Ethics as well as training in a wide and comprehensive variety of other academic and practicum subject areas. Such training helps qualify this psychologist – practitioner in understanding appropriate directions to take within the scope of practice of a licensed psychologist, with both the patient and the prescribing medical doctor working on the case.
With the addition of this special training in Psychopharmacology and Related Sciences, the FICPP psychologist has acquired specialized knowledge of the efficacy and safety of various medicines, and the inter-action that can exist between other medications that you may be taking. Such knowledge makes this psychologist a health care professional of the highest caliber with whom you wish to talk over any concerns you may have about the medicines you may have been prescribed.
This psychologist is especially able to talk knowledgeably with your prescribing medical doctor, to help you to understand why you were given these particular medications, and what advantages and setbacks you expect from their use. This practitioner, being trained extensively not only in pharmacology but in traditional psychotherapeutics, is in the unique position to most comprehensively understand the significance of the interactions between psychotherapy and psychopharmacology, and how the benefits of these two approaches may best combine and complement one another for the most effective treatment.

Questions you may have

THIS PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY TRAINED, BOARD CERTIFIED, DIPLOMATE-FELLOW PRACTICING PSYCHOLOGIST (FPPR/FICPP) is someone who can answer these and many other questions about medications, and consult with your medical doctor.



What training has Dr. Gifford received to qualify her to treat my situation?

Dr. Susan D. Gifford is a licensed psychologist in full-time private practice. She has received the following degrees:

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