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  Behavioral Issues
  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  Social skills
  Identifying learning disabilities
  Reading comprehension and written expression
  Marriage Counseling
  Relaxation Training
  Relationship Counseling
  Family Therapy
  Eating disorders
  and much more . . .
  Over 25 Years Experience  
  Dr. GiffordDr. Gifford has been in practice more than 25 years doing therapy with and teaching skills to adults, couples, families, and children...  
  Dr. Gifford's extensive training and experience have resulted in her achievement of four diplomates as well as achieving the Fellowship in the Prescribing Psychologist's Register...  
  The approach to therapy is results-orients. The style is targeted to alleviate identified problematic symptoms...  
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  Behavioral Issues  
  Learn ways to manage and overcome your child's struggle with focus and behavior issues...  
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  Assessment and Testing  
  Dr. Gifford's expertise is diverse enough to assist you or your child as needed with assessments and/or testing.  
  We cause how we feel by how we think  
  As a psychologist trained in clinical psychology, Dr. Gifford works to teach skills and behavior changes to assist children, adults and families to live fulfilling healthy and interpersonally committed lives in as rapid and goal oriented manner as is comfortable.  
  Psychological services for children ages 5 and older and adults.
  Assessments for ADHD, learning differences, educational and intellectual concerns.
  Treatment for chronic health conditions including diabetes, RA and others.
  Pain Management and Behavioral Health issues.
  Anxiety and OCD therapies.
  Depression Therapy.